In 2010,during the budget speech by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, he had announced the development of IIUM Medical Centre. All relevant federal and state agencies were mobilized in the efforts to realize the idea and in early 2011, the agreement was finalized between AZRB the ministry of Higher Education , Ministry of Health and IIUM with an approved budget of 412 million.

The IIUM Medical Centre was built based on the Private Funding Initiative (PFI) with 25-year concession agreement, on 27.8 acres of land, equipped with 300 beds for inpatients and supported by more than 133 specialists. The IIUM Medical Centre also includes the development of an undergraduate and postgraduate teaching hospital and tertiary referral centre, complementing the medical and allied health faculty provisions.

On 12th December, 2012 the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony was held and officiated by His Royal Highness, the Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah Al-Musta'in Billah, who is also the Constitutional Head of IIUM.

The ceremony marked the beginning of the construction of the IIUM Medical Centre. On 9th May 2016 the IIUM Medical Centre was hand over to IIUM. This success is the outcome of the painstaking task and well-coordinated effort by IIUM and all relevant agencies.


  • Islamisation in the medical centre
  • Clinical Excellence
  • Comprehensive Care


To be a leading Centre of Excellence and innovation for healthcare education, training and research in line with providing world-class health care in a safe environment according to Shari'ah compliance.

Core Values

  • Responsibility
  • Excellence
  • Sincerity
  • Trust
  • Unity

Prof. Dato'. Dr. Mohamed Saufi Awang, Director

Welcome to Sultan Ahmad Shah Medical Centre @IIUM(SASMEC@IIUM).

Sultan Ahmad Shah Medical Centre @IIUM(SASMEC@IIUM) has embarked on a journey to become the tertiary referral centre for the healthcare provider. As a newly established teaching hospital in the nation, Sultan Ahmad Shah Medical Centre @IIUM(SASMEC@IIUM) plays an important role in providing comprehensive healthcare education and services to the community.

Sultan Ahmad Shah Medical Centre @IIUM(SASMEC@IIUM) website will bring you closer to treasure the services rendered by Sultan Ahmad Shah Medical Centre @IIUM(SASMEC@IIUM) that includes 16 specialists’ clinics, i.e. Orthopedics, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Radiology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT), Ophthalmology, Psychiatric, Neurology, Cardiology, Urology, Anesthesiology, Dietetic, Dentistry and Emergency.

Sultan Ahmad Shah Medical Centre @IIUM(SASMEC@IIUM) also offers an array of facilities for the public, patients and their families. The 11-storey building of Sultan Ahmad Shah Medical Centre @IIUM(SASMEC@IIUM) is equipped with 300 beds, 20 operation theatres, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Coronary Care Unit (CCU), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and labour suites. In addition, there are convenient shops, hotel, café, musolla, and playground available to accommodate the needs of the visitors.

With competent talent and state-of-art facilities, Sultan Ahmad Shah Medical Centre @IIUM(SASMEC@IIUM) is delighted to serve the nation in line with its Vision and Mission. Since its opening in July 2016, Sultan Ahmad Shah Medical Centre @IIUM(SASMEC@IIUM) has demonstrated tremendous growth in its operation. In 2018, more than 10,000 patients received treatment at Sultan Ahmad Shah Medical Centre @IIUM(SASMEC@IIUM) and it is expected that the number will continue to increase in the years to come.

I firmly believe that Sultan Ahmad Shah Medical Centre @IIUM(SASMEC@IIUM) will strive towards being one of the outstanding Centres that will not only benefited by the local Community but the Ummah as a whole.

Jazzakallahu Khairan Kathira

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Saufi Awang

Hospital Director

Prof. Dr. Zamzuri Zakaria


Dr. Siti Zainab Tauhed


Nurul Amira Najihah Razali

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Nur Akmaliya Kassim

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Mazlina Mansor

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Sultan Ahmad Shah Medical Centre @IIUM (SASMEC @IIUM) is a Shariah Compliant Hospital in which the management responsibility comprises holistic requirements on developing and improving the quality system, listening to clients, formulating quality policy and planning, defining responsibilities, authorities and communication processes to facilitate effective quality management. The aspiration as a Shariah Compliant hospital will ensure each line of the operation will follow the stipulated guidelines with the aim of executing the MS 1900: 2014. (Shariah- Based Quality Management System). As the first teaching hospital that adopts Shariah components and is expecting to face challenges as the guidelines and policies would be different from other Divisions/Offices practices adopted by the University. Shariah Compliant Hospital anticipated in providing medical facilities and services such as halal healthcare products, amenities and trained staff to help patients and visitors to fulfill their religious obligations while at the hospital.

Shariah Advisory Committee (SAC)

Establishment of SAC has been approved in the Hospital Management Committee (HMC) Meeting No. 1/2018 on 17th January 2018 and nomination of the SAC members has been approved in the University Management Committee (UMC) Meeting No.15/2019 on 16th October 2019. The objectives of the formation of SAC are to provide a comprehensive guidance to the HMC, management of the SASMEC @IIUM and Department of Shariah Compliance in settling its duties in matters relating to Shariah matters; and advise the management concerning on any Shariah issues relating to Islamic procedure or policy SASMEC @IIUM SAC members consisting of SASMEC @IIUM Hospital Director, who is the chairman for SAC; an IIUM internal expert; a representative of Jabatan Mufti Negeri Pahang; a local external expert; an external expert that be nominated by the University; and Shariah Officer from Department of Shariah Compliance as a secretary for the SAC.